Whenever I visit a friend or some relatives I have noticed during the last couple of years that I almost always find myself under the kitchen sink, or digging in the toilet tank, fixing the door knob etc. More recently they are waiting me with a list.

Things have a tendancy to go wrong. Time to time it is necessary to invest some energy into things in order to maintain their functionality or keep the desired shape of them, The law of thermodynamics interprets „order” differently than us, and Murphy’s law too states it similarly :

„Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”

Simple things, or at least they look like that, but in the end of the day nothing is done due to the lack of a tool, or skill, or a hand or it turns out to be not so simple at all.

So I have desided to expand my  operations to help other people too and eliminate their seemingly small but annoying problems.

Hence „NO PROBLEMO!” – handyman services, Budapest – was launched.


Murphy, no offence, yet let us complete your thesis:

„No problemo! What went wrong will be fixed .”

look what was



Why you'd better


customer in focus
creative ideas
versatile solutions
precise execution



An onsite fee for travel costs, parking etc. is billed as a one time payment for arriving to the spot.

Then, – in most of the cases – an hourly rate is charded due to the versatile kind of services performed.

In case there is a need for extra materials, parts etc.  the same hourly fee is charged for obtaining them.

Lone handyman

9 000 Ft for every started hour
  • + 7000 Ft one time onsite fee
  • No hidden catch

Two handymen

14 000 Ft for every started hour
  • + 7000 Ft one time onsite fee
  • No hidden catch

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